The Data Cooperation

Use the Data Cooperation Canvas to describe an existing data cooperation. Or to explore potential new cooperations.

The Data Cooperation Canvas is designed as part of the preparatory actions for the Data Space for Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities (DS4SSCC) of the European Commission. It is free to use for all companies, organisations and cooperations.
Data Cooperation Canvas
Data Cooperation Canvas

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In the free PDF-book 'The Data Cooperation Canvas' you will find an introduction to the canvas and an explanation of all elements. For each element of the canvas we show how this can be completed, including typical examples and models.

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The Canvas

A new or existing data cooperation can be described by 14 essential building blocks in 3 areas.

In the document we will zoom in on each element and provide examples and models to fill these elements in your data cooperation canvas.

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What governance models can be used for a data cooperation? What are typical elements of a business models for data cooperations? How to set up an implementation model for a data cooperation?

We will cover these questions and our answers in the book

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We provide example for all elements of the canvas, including various business models, a dozen governance models a data demand & supply matrix and many more.

Examples are an important part of 'The Data Cooperation Canvas' free PDF-book

Key Partners of The Data Cooperation Canvas

This work has been conceived as part of the preparatory actions for the Data Space for Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities (DS4SSCC). The canvas was developed by Ron van der Lans and Jasper Soetendal of in the role of external experts strategic data partnerships of the Directorate Digitalization & Innovation of the City of Amsterdam and has been further developed with and validated by other participants of DS4SSCC working groups.

About The Authors

The authors of "The Data Cooperation Canvas" have over 20 years experience on business consulting and project management. Over the years they have been involved in dozens of (potential) data cooperations, ranging from highly succesfull to miserably failed. They have used all this experience in this book, providing guidance for a successful data cooperation.

Ron van der Lans
Managing Partner at Braxwell
Specialist Smart City development, open and shared data, public private partnerships, city strategic partnerships (f.e. Google and TomTom), member team Chief Technical Officer City of Amsterdam.
Jasper Soetendal
Partner at Braxwell
Open data expert, data specialist and strategic consultant to various public organisations and private companies, including the City of Amsterdam.


The deployment phase of the DS4SSCC has started October 1st, 2023. We are looking for excellent proposals for 10 – 12 pilots that will be executed until September 2026. For each winning proposal there will be a budget available of € 1 – 1.5 million, based on 50% co-financing.

The call for the deployment phase will be announced at a OASC conference, January 17th, 2024, in Rotterdam.


As many other cities, the City of Amsterdam is preparing to react on the calls of the DS4SSCC. Our Data Innovation team is active in many domains, and we are working on several proposals. Since the capacity of our team is limited, we are looking for the opportunities and the best partners.

If your city or organization are working on interested proposals too, it might be interesting to partner up with us.

Get supported

Consultants of Braxwell are working already many years on strategic and open data programs for the City of Amsterdam. Being an independent consulting firm, we also work for other cities, companies and organizations.

If you have problems completing the Data Cooperation Canvas for your DS4SSCC initiative, we can support you team(s).

If you want to use the Data Cooperation Canvas for existing initiatives or in any other way, we can help you too.

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